The Fugitives

Flying Fox and the Hunter-Gatherers

The Undesirables

BURNT Project1

CR Avery

Fish and Bird

JD Edwards Band

Chris Carmichael Band

Claire Jenkins avec Band

Petr Cancura’s PeopleMusic

Ridley Bent

Big Dave McLean

Drek Daa

Romi Mayes

Jem Rolls

Jesse DeNatale

Scott Nolan

Red Moon Road

Keri Latimer

Ben Sures

Twilight Hotel

Peter Katz

David Ross Macdonald

Fernando Raguero

Winnipeg Poetry Slam

Sumner Brothers

Lara Yule Singh

Suss Trio

Alexia Melnychuk

Craig Cardiff

Jacob and Lily

Colleen Brown and Darren Frank

CBC Poetry Face Off

Big Smash! Productions Films

Catacomb Microcinema Films



Thin Air: Winnipeg International Writers Festival

Patrick Keenan

Ann Vriend

The F-Holes

Matt Allen

Ben Wytinck

Michael Peters

The CYRK Salon

Jason Nowicki

The Greenroom

Rob Shabo


About the CYRK…

Founded in July 2006, the CYRK is a private arts house in Winnipeg's West Broadway area. The CYRK poetry, music, film, or dance gatherings are among the city's most unique underground attractions. You won't suspect what you are in for, until you walk in, through the back door.

'The CYRK is an intimate, ingeniously designed private club, complete with a small stage, theatrical lighting, high-end sound system, video projection and cafe-style seating.' - Alison Mayes, Winnipeg Free Press

'The CYRK is the best performance venue in Winnipeg.' - Scott Nolan, Singer, Songwriter, Musician

254 Young Street (The house with the blue lights)

Winnipeg’s most notorious art house.
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